Welcome to QuestGenius, the home of a wide array of AI-powered text tools including the Quiz Generator, Text Paraphraser, Text Summarizer, Text Expander, and Text Simplifier! These tools help you create custom quizzes, paraphrasing, summarizing, expanding, and simplifying texts based on your needs. Perfect for educators, students, and professionals alike.

Quiz Generator

Create custom quizzes based on any text you provide. Perfect for teachers, students, or anyone looking to test their knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Text Summarizer

Generate concise summaries of any provided text. Ideal for quickly extracting key information and insights from a larger body of text.

Text Paraphraser

Effortlessly rephrase your text to convey the same meaning with different words. Different tones, such as formal, casual, friendly, and academic are available. Ideal for simplifying complex sentences or generating alternative phrasings.

Text Expander

Enhance your text with more details and context. Ideal for elaborating on simple sentences or ideas.

Text Simplifier

Simplify your text to make it more understandable and accessible. Ideal for translating complex ideas into simpler language.